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Perú – Central Andes and Amazon region!

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Perú – Central Andes and Amazon region!

Last year I travelled to Central Andean region and part of the Amazonian region as well by bike. It was an astonishing trip and now I will go back to continue the rest of the route.


° Places of stay: Tarma, La Merced, Pampa Hermosa National Sanctuary, Pichanaki, Satipo, Atalaya, Pucallpa, Huanuco, Cerro de Pasco.

° Companion requirements: 
- Good physical condition and, above all, mental vigor. 
- Be adventurous and willing to get up early. 
- Have a bike and sleeping bag. If you do not have a bike, I know someone who can get one for you those days. I have a mountain tent that can share.

° Details: 
- Place and date of departure: Lima, 6 March (flexible) 
- Duration: 9 days approx. 
- Each traveler handles their own budget. 
- I am flexible with the dates and with the reformulation of the route. Coordination and more details through inbox.

Welcome! A fraternal hug :)




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