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Cheap but sturdy touring bike for sale Bangkok 20th of March

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Cheap but sturdy touring bike for sale Bangkok 20th of March

Hey everyone!

After a few months of cycling in SE Asia, I am selling the second-hand bike I purchased in Bangkok end of January. I cycled with it to Luang Prabang (Laos) and now I am heading back to BKK since I sadly leave the country the 22nd... I will be in Bkk the 20th I think, can always be there a day earlier if necessary...

I bought the bike for 5200 baht / €130, and it has really done a great job during the time I had it (some tough climbs and rocky roads included). As you can see, I use a stylish Winnie the pooh plank to mount my backpack on... who needs panniers and ortlieb anyway �

Some characteristics:

21 gears (3 front, 7 back, obviously...)

Parts mainly cheap yet sturdy shimano sis (front derailleur) and Acera at the back

Front suspension, brand unknown but functioning well

Otherwise everything just in good condition. Pedals sometimes make a bit of a squeaking noise, which is solved by just spraying some lube....

In terms of size: I am 1m81 and if I put the saddle height at max, it is just ok for me, and the frame size doesn't feel too small, but I reckon it might be more suitable for someone of about 1m75...

Anyway, the bike and some extras (inner tube, patches and rubber cement, ...) can be yours for a mere 2400 baht/ €60 / $74 fix price � 


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