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2 touring bicycles for sale in Bolivia in June

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2 touring bicycles for sale in Bolivia in June

As we're finishing our trip, and don't want to struggle with sending bikes (it's been a nightmare on a previous flight, don't want to do it ever! again), I thought that maybe someone could want to buy them?
Our bikes worked well through the whole trip, will work for another few thousands. Wheels are true, never exchanged any spokes, brake pads are all good. 

We don't have exact date of the flight, but it will be some when in the end of June from probably from La Paz. Could leave all the stuff in some bike shop, or with Warmshowers host.

Bikes are both 28" wheels. 
56cm cannondale caadx6, with changed almost everything compared to original. Cromo fork, schwalbe marathon tires, new very strong wheels, adapter to squared bottom bracket (easy to put any crankset), shimano 105 shifters, 2x10 (34/50 + 11/40 deore cassette, was totally enough for 17%+ uphills with lots, lots of kilograms), Tubus cargo rack. 
No saddle - love my brooks flyer, want to take it with me.

Second one is Raleigh World Voyage, 48cm, all good cromoly. Exchanged tired to of course schwalbe marathon, sora 3x8 shifters. Very good alu rack from Crosso company. Frame repainted in professional car paint shop for 50€).

Bikes come with clean bottles (only water in them, always), which are 3x 1liter + 0,7 liter, as bigger doesn't fit.
Bbb woman saddle, very comfortable, cost 80€ itself.

Price for the bikes. hmmmmm.
450€ for cannondale
350€ for raleigh

If someone would be interested, we could also sell 2 pairs (4 bags) of Crosso Dry Big panniers (great polish company). Bags are bigger than any ortliebs, and more durable (had ortliebs on the trip but their in bad worse condition). 
50€ for 4 bags.

Handlebar bags: 

Giant, pretty small, perfect condition: 40;€

Ortlieb 5 ultimate large size, perfect condition, 50€


EXTRAWHEEL trailer - with 28" wheel, a bit untrue as we had a crash on the first day of the trip, and had to replace the wheel with my front. Wheel would need  a rim change to become the good front wheel, but I made few thousands kilometers with this wheel on the trailer, and works there perfectly.
Trailer in great condition, comes with extra quickrealease.
Price: 150€
Can add a bit worn ortliebs for extra 40€ (man, they're expensive!)

AND. If needed, can leave all the tools for the bike (bottom bracket tool,mini chain tool, sprocket remover, cassette lockring, big combination pliers, few allen wrenches, screwdriver etc in multitool, 8/10/15/19 spanners), few tire levers, few inner tubes. Basically, you can repair whole bike with them. Never used them on the trip...
60€ for all.

All the stuff has been used, is not new, has some visible signs of wear, but technically is in very good condition. 

As we plan to leave south America, and continue the trip on foot in Europe, don't need all this stuff, and don't want to pay to ship them to Europe, and then again, to ship it home.
Would think about another reasonable offer. 

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