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Switzerland to Cap town 2018-2019

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Switzerland to Cap town 2018-2019

Hi everybody,

I am planning to make this big trip to Cap Town and I would like to ask you some recommandation ( if you have already done this trip) . Do you have any suggestion of itinerary? How did you do for visas, lodging, ...? Do you think it is dangerous for a lady alone 27 years old?

I love cycling and I started two years ago. Since I started, I always try to use my bike as transport and for fun. My biggest cycling trip was Cuba for 3 weeks alone. 

I haven't planned any departure date yet so I am quite flexible. It won t be before October 2018. If some people with the same interest (it means having fun, don't rush and discover those wonderful places day by day slowly) + you are around my age 25-40, I would love to share the trip or at least a part of it.


Many thanks in advance for your help,



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G"day there Joelle

G"day there Joelle

Warm regards from Down Under

Congratulation for planning your bicycle tour.

to answer your questions about the visas .

First due to the war going around Syria and Libya, best option may be to cycle via Serbia, Macedonia Greece and then fly to Egypt

or another option you fly from Turkey to Egypt.

You can get the Egyptian visa at the airport, the Sudanese visa either in Aswan (you may need to wait for 3 working days ) or the Sudanese consulate 



  • Sudanese Consulate General in Geneva, Switzerland

    Avenue Blanc 51, 3rd floor
    1202 Genève

  • (+41) (0) 22 731 74 65
  • FAX
  • (+41) (0) 22 716 19 70
  • , Consul General

 The Ethiopian visa its a little bit tricky as the visa is valid from the day it been stamped on the passport!!( I been in contact with the Ethiopian Embassy in Australia ,so they can issue us a letter to get a visa in Sudan ,but no luck ,they said a 3 month visa ll be ok ,but you never knows ,you can try your luck with them

As well you can get an easy visa to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda ,they call it the East Africa visa

If you are entering Kenya from the Ethiopian side on the Moyle boarder, you may be put on a truck till Nairobi ,due to the security situation in that region

sadly lots of cyclist got rocks thrown at them by kids in Ethiopia and its seem like a big problem :-(.

Myself planning a bicycle tour from Bahir Dar,Ethioipia to Alexandaria,Egypt mid Jan  2019 following the Blue Nile from base to source.

so we ll be heading from south to north and the cold wind is from north to south!!

so the plan is to cycle from north to south.

I got lots of information for cycling from Cairo to Aswan( i "ll email it to you Joelle)

most most important info is the water source while cycling on the desert from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum.

If you are around the region, we can catch up

There is 5 of us , 3 females and 2 males 

Happy cycling Joelle


Bobby :-)


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Salut Joelle,

Salut Joelle,

En fait je pense faire un long voyage mais en Nouvelle Zélande!  Donc j'ai pas vraiment de conseils à te donner. Sauf que je vais partir en Septembre/octobre aussi et que je suis curieux de l'itinéraire que tu vas prendre, traverser l'Afrique me semble compliquer (abscence de route, chaleur, tourista...) mais je te suivrais volontiers (Strava?) pour éventuellement un prochain voyage!