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Southgermany - Paris (Routes, infos, must sees) - EV 5

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Southgermany - Paris (Routes, infos, must sees) - EV 5


I'm planning to ride Stuttgart-Paris with my roadbike. I looked up a little bit, but can't find a good route. Eurovelo 5, V52 (France), Pforzheim-Paris (radweit-route); I can't decide, wich one is better (for roadbikes), or if I can take ANY of these, so experiences are more than welcome.

Also I am looking for must sees along the route, because I don't want to miss anything :D

In the end: Are there any special things to know about riding in France? I read about any earphones beeing forbidden... Does anyone have experience with that, because I have Bone-conduction-earphones (Aftershockz Trekz), so the ear is not blocked by the headphones.

I am grateful for any advise (even if I didn't ask for) and thank you in advance. 

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from germany

I cycle neckar valley

then rhine valley to strasbourg ( and stop there) 

for itineries look at!47.9379!7.4211


if you have time you can go down until mulhouse (from french or german side ) to take EV6 then EV3 until paris 

I dont't think there is any problem for your ear plugs 

I think it just to avoid MP3 with music for security raison 


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I cycled along the EV5 from

I cycled along the EV5 from Lille (FR) to Schengen (Luxemburg), at the German border.

There is limited signposting, but in Flanders you can follow LF6 signposting. I appreciated  most the part from Namur (B) to Schengen. 

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