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"Dream Ride" in the US in October

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"Dream Ride" in the US in October


A friend and I are planning vacations together. We want to ride for 3 weeks in the US in October. He is from New York and I am from France. As I am not familiar with riding in the US, more in Europe, I am looking for help to brainstorm ideas of places to discover to turn this into a fantastic adventure!

We would like to visit Indian reservations/Ghostowns/ National Parks and 150+ miles or interstates bike tracks.

We would like a dry and warm weather. We just want to avoid elevated & arid places, because we will travel with 60+ lbs at the back of our bikes. We plan to cover 40 to 60 miles a day


We are considering

the Natchez Tracen from Tennessee to Mississippi

the Great Allegheny Passage +Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C

Katy Trail in Missouri , West of Saint-Louis


We dismissed New Mexico because it was too rocky.

California and Texas would be options as well!


I am looking from advice from people who biked accross the US. Having a little less than a month in front of you, what would be your dream ride accross the US?


Thanks in advance for sharing!

Tom & Ben





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Gap and C&O in October

This is a beautiful ride and well worth doing if you don't use road bikes.  We recommend 32mm or wider tires.  Also, the month of October will be hit and miss with weather.  Most travelers do this ride between May and September.  Let us know if you need any other information.  Mary

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