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Almost Ready!

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Almost Ready!

May 5th begins my 2018 ride and I am looking forward to meeting lots of Warmshowers folks.  There are lofty reasons to take the time and energy to organize hosts along a nomadic cycling route.  I have learned much and benefited greatly from the hospitality shone on past rides, having stayed in host homes in 46 States and 3 Canadian Provinces.  The new set of eyes gained has been the backbone of my bicycle touring experiences. Motels and campgrounds are fine but they provide little social or cultural value: one is only passing through without making human contact.  Residents are cultural reflections of an area and the real reason one is traveling. We grow through interaction, not through isolation.

My 7th cross-country ride since retirement, on the track this summer is the Natchez Trace Parkway, The Blue Ridge Parkway, a parallel ride following the Appalachian Trail up to Maine, and then a continuing route through the Canada Atlantic Meritimes all they way to a loop of Newfoundland.

Hope to see you out there!

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