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Biking in Slovenie

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Biking in Slovenie

We would like to bike in Slovenie and come back through austria and switzerland this summer.

If you have any inputs and/or suggestion for us, it will be perfect.


Jeff & Nath

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Hi, I hiked in Slovenija. There are friendly people and a lot of mountains. You should need a very good bike and much training. Let's have a nice holiday

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Slovenia is a wonderful country for cycling tours: very friendly people, fine food, good accomodations, marvellous landscape from the sea to the mountains of the alps to the vineyards in the east, nice villages and cities.
Nevertheless, I recommend you to avoid main roads: car- and especially truck-drivers are rather ruthless. Meanwhile, you will find also cycling-routes (I know it from the eastern / southeastern part of the country), but they are of different quality. Sometimes it could be better to find your own path.
If you have any special question, don't hesitate to ask me!

Bonne route! :-)

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Soca. PassoDelPredil. Drauradweg

Slovenia to Austria:

The flatest road is Ljubljana Kranj Jesenice KranskaGora Traviso Villach. But its following a big road.

A nicer one i choose, Ljubljana SkofjaLoka Zelezniki Podbrdo (with traintunnel connection to bohinj lake) MostNaSoci Tolmin Bovec (Soca river) Passo del Predil (lake on other side) Travisio Austria.


Once at the border the flatest way to Italy is reaching R1 bike route, DrauRadweg.

2 options:

Traviso Villach Spittal Lienz SanCandido.

Traviso Hermagor Lienz SanCandido.

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To bike longer in Austria,

To bike longer in Austria, you could enter in one of these pass and catch R1 bike route:

Loiblpass, too much traffic.

SeebergSattel, alright.

Pavlichsattel, the nicest, no cars, 2 climbs.

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italy - switzerland:

italy - switzerland:

SanCandido Brunico Bressanone Bolzano Merano Silandro Malles Venosta

Fom Malles Venosta you have different options,

Reaching Inn river (2 options to get there).

Catching the big road Innsbruck Imst Switzerland.

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My last route:
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