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Looking for touring routes across New-Brunswick, CAN

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Looking for touring routes across New-Brunswick, CAN

Hi fellow bikers!

I'm planning a trip from Montreal to South-East New-Brunswick this summer. The Quebec bike trails are super easy to find but I can't say as much for the New-Brunswick ones. I've looked on many blogs and official web sites and nothing will give me a good overall view of where I should cross and which routes are best to take. We are thinking to go through the north of the province to be able to follow the coastline.

Any tips about previous trips you've done or websites I should check out will be very appreciated. 


Danie Martin

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NB route

My route a couple of years ago was along the South Shore of the St. Lawrence to Mont Joli, across the Gaspe on 132 to Matapedia (cross the river on bridge there--the one at Cambellton is scary), along the shore to Bathurst, around the Acadian Peninsula to Miramichi, #8 to Fredericton, parallel #2 on trails or secondary roads to Moncton and Sackville, then pretty good trail to Cape Tormentine and the shuttle over the bridge to PEI. Most of the trails in NB are also used by ATVs and are very rough going, even with 35mm tires. Sometimes you have to walk bike in heavy gravel or sand, and I usually switched back to roads when that happened. Motorists are generally pretty considerate, but except in the immediate Fredericton area and parts of the Acadian Peninsula, there's nothing comparable to the infrastructure in Quebec and PEI. 

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