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2018 summer/ LA to NY / Ride for Comfort Women-Human right

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2018 summer/ LA to NY / Ride for Comfort Women-Human right

Hi we are two young men from South Korea. We are planning riding events this summer for Human Rights, especially for so called 'comfort women': Japanese military sexual slavery during WW2 from more than 12 countries. Even though WW2 ended several decades ago, Japanese government still denying, distorting their fast wrongdoing and not apologize to victims. Therefore, we will ride for human dignity and human rights.

I posted our schedule below. We want you to be with us as a person or as a group. Distance does not matter whether short or long. We will give small gift to participants who accompany with us. You can see our location and daily updates at -- (link is external) (link is external) --

You can go free of fall free. If you are available to participate certain place and time, feel free to contact us. Just because you join us does not mean that you participate in any kind of social movement. Please contact me by message or email -- 

6/22 ~ 7/4 LA to Albuquerque (1300km)
7/6 ~ 7/14 Albuquerque to Oklahoma (930km)
7/16 ~ 7/21 Oklahoma to Kansas City (620km)
7/22 ~ 7/26 Kansas City to ST Louis (470km)
7/27 ~ 7/31 ST Louis to Chicago (500km)
8/6 ~ 8/14 Chicago to Pittsburgh (800km)
8/15 ~ 8/20 Pittsburgh to Washington D.C (520km)
8/25 ~ 8/27 Washington DC to Philadelphia (250km)
8/30 ~ 9/1 Philadelphia to New York (160km)

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