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bicycle racks

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bicycle racks

Hi, what kind of racks do you like best? And why? My bicycle is 22 years old and I wonder if the rack should be changed. I plan to go on a long tour (scandinavia) and wonder if I should change it. My daughter's bike rack fixation on the bike broke in Belgium, 500 km from home and it was a pain..;

any advice is welcome,

Cheers from France.

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It depends on how much use it has had in 22 years plus you do not saty how what model of rack.  Some racks get a lot, some little.  If more than a 10km of use and is a budget version, I would definitely consider if you don't want to worry about it breaking.  If a great rack like a Tubus or similar, than you probably have no worries until 80k km or more.

Wishing you a wonderful and stressfree tour.

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Rack strength

I agree. Tubus make excellent racks. I have Tubus titanium ones, which were rather expensive, but they won't rust from the inside. I hope they will last a long time. If you buy steel racks, it is a good idea to squirt Framesaver into the ventilation holes to prevent oxidization, which will weaken them. Surly make very strong racks, as do Old Man Mountain. I believe it is wise to buy the best you can afford, the more you pay, the longer they will last. 

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