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CycleTouring from Toulouse to Paris Atlantic Coast June2018

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CycleTouring from Toulouse to Paris Atlantic Coast June2018

Hi there,
I`m Felipe and I`m now on my way to star a new trip vy bicycle in France. The last year I did the Cote d`Azur *from Montpellier to Milan* and this year I`m planning to do a different tour: from Toulouse to Paris, taking the atlantic coast of france, arriving to Bretagne, Normandie and finally finish in Paris. At least, that`s the plan!

I`m looking for some tips along my way and also I expect use WS to find places to sleep and meet cool people. If you can help me with something, please do it an I will be very thankful!


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way toulouse paris


look at this map zoomes to see all the way you can download GPX clik routes down at right 

from toulouse you can take the canal des 2 mers from toulouse to bordeaux ( at la reole take V 80 it is nicer) 

then if you have time arcachon and velodyssée (EV1) 

if you have time in la rochelle go to Ré island 


in nantes 2 options 

* loire valley (with all the castle) up to orleans 

in orleans myabe take train to paris 

* brittany the canal nantes brest then turn to morlaix 

the TDM and EV4 up to dieppe and then the london avenue up to paris 


you can do bivouac easily along canal near boat harbor ( boe near agen , buzet sur baise ,fontet) 

the atlantic cost will be busy in summer time 

lot of campground ( maybe croyded and expensive look at municipal one) 

somme good one in brittany :

ile grande :


you have pictures and adress on this website 

the map is interactive

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