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Bikepacking Austria & Slovenia

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Bikepacking Austria & Slovenia

Hi there,

I'm planning a solo trip by the end of June, to cycle from Vienna to Trieste, avoiding roads as much as possible. Still researching. Know the area? Got any tips? Wanna join?

The initial plan is to visit as much as possible natural parks. At least Triglavski narodni park.



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The Villach KranjskaGora Soca

The Villach KranjskaGora Soca river has lots of traffic and is really steep.

I would enter Slovenia by PavlichSattel (near SeebergSattel) it has no traffic and arrives in a nice valley ~Logarska Dolina. From the valley you will climb out and reach Kamnik. From there you can reach Bled and Bohinj Lake. From Bohinjska bistrica there is a small tunnel reaching PodBrdo, from Pod Brdo its downhill to Soca River arriving near Tolmin at Most na Soci.

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EV 9

Planning a tour Vienna - Triest in autumn 2018 I am interested in experiences following more or less Ev 9:

((-; Michaela

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Hoping you still haven't

Hoping you still haven't reached Wurzen Pass if you still plan to. In that direction it will be crazy, you'll climb over 18% gradients. I did it the other way round and remember the suffering faces of the other cyclists I came across. Good luck if you challenge yourself! As some already said, don't miss the chance to pass by Bohinsko Jezero (wilder than Bled), and as an amazing off-the-beaten-track path I'd suggest the road between Mojstrana and Krnica. Also check out the guesthouse (planinski dom) at Petrovo Brdo, I really had a great time there.

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