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Help in Spain Merida

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Help in Spain Merida

My father is currently on a cycle tour heading north from Seville Spain and coming through Medira area tomorrow.

His friend who is cycling with him has a broken hydraulic brake cable which has been a little worrisome on some of the dirt tracks coming up. I wondered if anyone could advise on a bike shop to get to who would be able to fix hydraulic brakes, as most they tried in Seville were unwilling to help with the issue. Or failing that is there any tricks and tips anyone could think of to help the situation? 

Thanks for the help anyone. 

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There was a shop I came

There was a shop I came across where an English guy worked at that I imagine would be suitable - cannot quite remember details but am q sure it was was on the central 'ring road', I think around the south/east side.

There was also some one I befriended who had his own workshop, but prob. not stretch to hydraulics. 


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Thanks for the info. I

Thanks for the info. I believe they've just been to that shop, but apparently they make different diameter cables! But they did find another place which had the 5mm cables, but no crimping tool. I'm surly they'll sort that out though. Thanks for the help! 

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