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Fewer hosting requests this year

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Fewer hosting requests this year

I have the feeling as if I had fewer hosting-requests this year in comparison with other years. Some members discussed exact this issue on but I don't find the thread anymore.

My question: is this only my feeling or are there others with a similiar impression?

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When I open your profile, I

When I open your profile, I can only see German-language text. Foreign cyclists may not know that you speak English well, and so they do not contact you. (There is a “Translate to” button, but probably few cyclists, who are in a hurry as they look for accommodation, notice it or use it.) So, try adding English to your profile description and see if you get more requests?

Also, it is still early in the northern hemisphere’s summer cycling season.

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Ok, Christopher, this may be

Ok, Christopher, this may be correct. Thanks a lot for this point.

My question was different: in the last years I had the same german text and it worked much better. In combination with the facebook-discussion on the same issue I asked if others here also have the feeling as if something changed with warmshowers.

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Fewer hosting requests due to the weather?

Here in the Czech Republic : 2017: lots of rain from January to June and lots of last-minute requests. 2018: very little rain from January to June and very few requests. I am based between the Elbe Trail (which finishes in Prague) and the Danube River Trail (Linz, Vienna, and points eastwards). These two trails were madly popular last year with many cyclists wanting to travel from Western Europe to the Black Sea and beyond. The world has changed since then, and maybe people´s sense of adventure has changed, too....

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Years Vary

I host on the Pacific Coast Route and years have varied. This spring was slow, but many of us feel it has to do with the road closures along the central coast.  It is what it is.  

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This has been the quietest

This has been the quietest season in our 6 years of hosting, even taking into account the increased number of hosts in the region it is still quiet. We have discussed this with other hosts and guests but no one has any idea why.

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I am leaving on a tour next

I am leaving on a tour next month. Looking on the map, nearly every profile has a reply rate under 50%. At a certain point, I just gave up and decided to stay in hotels or hostels on this tour. There might be one or two active hosts in this whole region, but I am just not going to bother with WS if using the network involves so much uncertainty.

I wonder if that is the same reason that seemingly fewer people are requesting my hospitality this year or other hosts’ here. We might actually be active hosts, but we are not representative of what most cyclists see in our regions.

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Fewer Reuests

I am having the same experience.  Usually by this time in the biking season, we have had several guests, but this year so far only one.  Don't know what is going on.  Dave P., Forest Grove, Oregon

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11 guests in the last 2 weeks

11 guests in the last 2 weeks, 2 more coming this weekend...finally the season has started.

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Maybe WS can produce some statistics about the nr of acccomodations per mont and region and how that develops over time, also in relation to nr of members...

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This is a tricky statistic to determine.  The only way we can tell if there was a hospitality exchange is thorugh the number of feedbacks given.  Unfortunately, not everyone gives feedback, so this metric is invalid.


I will say that many people sign up prior to a tour, use the site, and then delete their profile following their journey.  There are also those who sign up strictly to host.

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Feedback totals do look to be

Feedback totals do look to be lagging in relation to last year [ ] but with most of the northern hemisphere's warmer months still to come the comparison is fairly meaningless.

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no guests?

HI. I am just starting my trip and finding that my phone crashes when using the site. It is also difficult on the computer to find people quickly. I feel that this site has gotten less useful and I am considering just doing rough camping because of the effort at even initiating communication with people. Just my thoughts. David

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non responsive hosts

I agree with Christopher Culver. Many of the hosts that show up on a search generally have less than 30% response rate. Even more disappointing, this simple but vital piece of information is not easy to find on the app, the platform usually used while touring (it also takes time to find it on the main website).  Generally while touring, data and wifi are at a premium so I have chosen to not waste my time on seaarcing for potential hosts and then sending out 5-6 emails with the high liklihood of receiving no response. I can just book  a b&b /guest house etc in a fraction of the time, with certainty of response. I want to be touring not sifting through warmshowers 'hosts' that haven't been active for years! I feel my touring time is too valuable to waste going through past warmshowers users who can't be bothered to deactivate themselves.

Even planning ahead prior to a trip in the comfort of my home, with good internet it still took me over an hour to come up with 4  potiental hosts,( ones with 30-75% response rate) after sifting through at least 20 others some who hadn't been active for 3 or 4 years!!!. There really should be a filter if you have not been active for the past year, so they don't show up on the search. If you want to reactivate then great, take the positive step to reactivate. You should also be able to filter and sort based on response rate.

We are interested in staying with warm showers hosts so that we can find out local information and share cycling stories and experieinces. That is also our sense of the motivation of the majority of the guests we have hosted. It's much more than 'just a free place to stay'.

We host around  30 - 40 people in our short season (May - August), which we enjoy, and get requests for many more. We are at a 'choke' point of two very popular touring routes and in a realively small town so it doesn't take long to find out quickly who the active hosts are. We also try to maintain a 100% response rates. However our own 'success' rate as guests has been abysmally low. We have had more success with friends and family of some of our  WS guests ( who were not warmshowers hosts themselves) through direct contact. We recognise that everything cannot be perfectly balanced, but the inadequecies of the website / App search and filter functions (which should be easily fixable) serve to make WS a very one-way street for us.

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Following up on Lyle and

Following up on Lyle and Kirsten's post, i think it would be possible to add a sorting option to the search results, so that you can sort the host by responsiveness, date of last login, etc. Just like webshops allow to sort search results by price, size, etc.