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Non-Cyclist requesting a (free) place to stay

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Non-Cyclist requesting a (free) place to stay

I searched the forum section with some key words, read pages of 'subjects' but didn't find the topic (gave up!).  Anyway, I've hosted cyclists and have been a guest... great; works and very happy with the results, the people we've met, etc.  

But I've had a few requests from non-cyclist asking for accommodations while they visit out little mountain town while on vacation/work, etc.  Maybe I'm still new enough and not jaded, so I really want to answer all requests truthfully vs. just deleting the request.  Any thoughts here?

I don't recall a 'strong' message on the WS site discouraging this when I signed up, but maybe some sort of 'hey, if you're not showing up on a touring bike, don't ask' type message?  Couch Surfing should be the site for those type traveler?  

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"The WSL is for hospitality for private individuals (or couples or very small groups) touring on bicycles. Please don't use it for other types of hospitality - for your large group of teenagers doing a cross-country ride, or for your large-group fund-raising event (even though it's for AIDS or cancer or some other fine cause). Please don't use it for non-bicycle travel."

I refer such requests to my BeWelcome, TrustRoots or CS profiles. There are WS members who offer hospitality to such travellers but this does go against the guidelines of the site and members who repeatedly request hospitality when travelling by non human powered means have historically had their profiles removed. I think its better to set them straight from the get go.

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I'll redirect them.... sounds like a nice way to say no.  Thx!

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Report or Feedback

Team WS generally tries to remove new members whose profiles reflect not bicycle/self powered travel.  You can reports such profiles to me ( to investigate.  You can also leave "neutral" feedback on their page communicating to others that these folks are not traveling on bicycle.

Ken Francis


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We're good!

Thx Ken-  Thinking back over the past year+, I've had 3 non-cyclist requests.   2 were from people here on short job assignments who rode bikes but didn't tour per se.  1 from a skier in the middle of winter/during ski season (we live in a ski town).  None of them had any sort of detailed profile (no picture, a few lines of text, zero feedback).  The skier guy was using his girlfriends profile after they broke up...  

I read the replies and your note and will just send a nice note back to any future requesters saying something to the effect of, "Show up on a bike, we're good...  otherwise, please use Couch Surfing, etc."  

Thx again!  Tony

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re: Non-Cyclist requesting a (free) place to stay

hello Mr Martin, 

I suspect it's completely up to you whom you allow to stay at your place.  

I am one of those 'jaded' ;-)  bike tourists who only accept fellow cyclists.  but it's your home.  (you could also list your place on Couch Surfing.  then everyone's covered.)  

I suspect many of us would rather not get requests form non-cyclists, so if you do host 'em don't tell WS.  

my $0.02 worth, 



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