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Warning: looks like a scam

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Warning: looks like a scam

Yesterday I've got a message asking me to make a contact via e-mail and not via WS.
It lookes a bit suspecious so i replyed on WS and searched the Net for similar messages.

the resolt of my search was that this is a scam.

Nancy William Jun 23

Hello My name is General Nancy William, U. S. A. Army, is my pleasure to contact you???????? sends e-mail)



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There are already two threads

There are already two threads about this gen Nancy Williams.

As I understood, it had been taken care of. So if you got a new message yesterday, they have started again.

Anyway, weird scam.

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Spokes Fighting Strokes needs a place to stay in Co.

Spokes Fighting Strokes is a non profit that takes stroke survivors and persons with other disabilities out to ride adapted trikes to help them recover from their disabilities. It was founded and is completely funded by Dan Zimmerman, who survived a stroke 12 years ago. Dan takes stroke survivors out on trikes, at no charge, to ride in Tempe and Tucson Arizona in the winters. He has traveled to Colorado the past few years to take stroke survivors out on his trikes in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. He needs a place to park his truck with RV trailer along with his second truck towing his trike trailer. He needs water, sewer and electric hook ups. He can pay a small rental fee for this space. The organization's web site is below. (link is external)

Please respond to this writer,

Regards,          Rick Meyer

              (link sends e-mail)


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Same spammer still active,

Same spammer still active, under a new account by same name and same copy-pasted messages:


Nancy William



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yes I also received it yesterday

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I would have thought the

I would have thought the spokes for strokes one was real!  LOL.  But I would not have accommodated them anyway.  However had someone else contacted them, they could have said they found a place but would they like to make a donation instead......

Anyway, thanks.

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