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Luxemburg > Switzerland > Italy > Croatia > Albania > Greece (July/August)

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Luxemburg > Switzerland > Italy > Croatia > Albania > Greece (July/August)

Hi all, 

I'm Ruth, a 29-year-old Belgian. On the 8th of July I'm leaving Belgium for Luxemburg. My plan is to follow the Eurovelo 5 Route until Milan and then continue on the Eurovelo 8 until Athens. (And then I want to go to Izmir, Turkey.)

This means I'll normally pas by the following countries:

Luxemburg - France/Germany border - Switzerland - north of Italy - Slovenia (coast) - Croatia - Montenegro - Albania - Greece.

I'd like to cycle between 60 - 100 km per day, depending on the weather, the feeling, the difficulty, possible interesting events on the way, ... I like camping, but I also like meeting people on the way with warmshowers or once in a while at a hostel. 

I don't want to cycle with a definite plan, but I'm hoping to respect the following 3 dates: I'm leaving the 8th of July from the south of Belgium, would like to meet up with a friend in Slovenia around the 28th of July and should be in Athens by the 18th of August. 

It would be great to meet up on the way or do part of the trip together with someone interested. 

If interested, feel free to let me know,


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Hi Ruth, my name is Davide

Hi Ruth, my name is Davide and I live 18km from Bologna, in the north of Italy. I don't know if I'm on your way, but if I am, you're welcome!!!


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Ill be at the balkan countries this summer,.stay in touch if you want !!

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Hello Ruth

I live in Sion (Switzerland)  is it on your way ? I'm interested to meet up :-)