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Suggestions for 1-week tour starting in Dubrovnik in late July?

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Suggestions for 1-week tour starting in Dubrovnik in late July?

Hi all, I am hoping to crowd-source some suggestions on where to spend my last week in Europe before flying back to San Francisco next month. I will be riding along the Croatian Coast from Split to Dubrovnik, and will have roughly one more week starting around July 21 before I need to fly home (I must leave no later than 29-July). Preference for ending somewhere that does not require multiple airlines to fly home (I am taking my bike with me) and is not exorbitantly expensive. I am considering taking a ferry to Bari, Italy and riding to Rome (along part of the EV 5?)...or possibly riding south from Dubrovnik along the EV 8 to (somewhere)??? I would appreciate any and all thoughts on where/who/how/when! Thanks in advance for any tips you can share.

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ask the local WS people ...

Your Post mentions everything except, what you have asked of the local WS members ? ( presumably, they'd know...) 

Maybe you need a general travel website, not a Hospex one ?  

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Good suggestion! I’ll reach

Good suggestion! I’ll reach out to some of the folks in Italy. Thanks!

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Where to go after Dubrovnik?

We took ferry overnite to Bari, then rode to Brindisi, then ferry to Patos. 

The Puglia coast is spectacular - especially "white city" Ostoni.  

I did not like Rome - at all - so am biased against returning there.  

Safe travels. 

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From Dubrovnik

Hi, just saw your post. 3 years ago I came south through Sarajevo along M18/M20 to Popov Most then Trebinje near Dubrovnok, nice roads, good scenery. Then south to Montenegro, Kotor etc - a lot more traffic on the coast road and Albania, all pretty good. I caught ferry to Bari then south west to Matera (worth a couple of days) - however from there it was another 4 days on not entirely direct smaller roads to Rome, it was in October so days were shorter and rain was worse but July-Aug could be very hot.

You could do a loop through Sarajevo - 2 solid but not hard days the way I came - or Montengro.


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Thanks for the help!

Thanks for all the responses - in the end, I am cycling through Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia on the recommendation of another couple WarmShowers members. In Macedonia now, and the cycling has been mostly great, although some tough stretches of road also.



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