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How do we get our bikes back to Vienna from Romania?

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How do we get our bikes back to Vienna from Romania?

Hi there,

does anyone know the best and easiest way to bring 2 people + 2 bikes back to Vienna from Romania (Tulcea, Constanta or Bukarest)???

I know there's a direct train from Bukarest yet with no bike transport option (unless you dismantle and pack it up as a piece of luggage).

Flix bus is supposed to take bikes on board as well - any experiences with that?

Also, I found this company that supposedly transports bikes back to Germany and other Western European countries, but not Austria (or do they?):

Grateful for your tipps!!!



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The Romanian bus company

The Romanian bus company Atlassib also serves as a courier service connecting Romania and the Romanian diaspora in Western Europe. They transport refrigerators and televisions from Romanians who have grown rich in the West, and in the other direction they transport mother’s jams and knitted socks. :-)

Atlassib will transport a boxed bicycle for a standard fee (last year it was around 30€), and since the packages are carried on the same buses that transport passengers, it only takes a few days to reach the destination. Everything is done very officially: your box gets a tracking number etc. I have sent my bike with Atlassib to various Western European countries four times now and it was very easy.

So, my advice is to ring the Atlassib office in Constanta or Bucharest using the phone number on the website and ask for the address of the freight office you should take the bikes to. As I said, the bikes should be boxed.

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