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Touring Easter Poland

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Touring Easter Poland

Hello beautiful cyclists
I'm Paolo and I am travelling with my partner Ulla.

We are travelling across Europe, from Estonia (our latest home for the past two years) to France, with our route going south through Eastern Europe (Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Slovakia) until Hungary, where we will turn west towards France, through Slovenia and Italy, and hopefully some detours into Austria and/or Switzerland. Or at least this is the plan...
We are now in Lithuania and soon will enter Poland.

I am looking for siggestions about what route to take in Eastern Poland, from north to south. I had suggested to use the GreenVelo toute but I understand that there are a lot of off road sections and it would be difficult for us, since we are quite loaded.

Thanks for your help

All the best,

Paolo & Ulla

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E Poland.

Hi Paolo & Ulla. How is your trip going? I've just seen your post so maybe a bit late to offer any advice.

Have you finished E. Poland? I cycled north last year, sticking pretty close to the border with Belarus. I found E.Poland to be very nice with generally quiet roads.

I didn't have such a good experiance with the Green Velo route though. I did try following it a couple of times but on one occasion ended up at a junction with no sign and the option of an increasingly rutted/muddy track one way or a rough,stone covered one the other, which dissappeared down a hill. I didn't fancy either so had to do something I hate and back track to where I had joined the route. With the correct map it may be different but I would say that it may be a bit too "off road" for some laden touring bikes.

Anyway, good luck and I hope the weather stays good for you,



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Greenvelo is a good idea –

Greenvelo is a good idea – something is better than nothing. But due to the muddy stretches, it is really good only for fatbikes.

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