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Bikes on train in Italy

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Bikes on train in Italy

Hi everyone!

I will be cycling a little in Italy really soon and I am wondering about taking my bike on the train...

We will be cycling through Tuscany for about +/-10 days and then going down to Puglia by train and bike for another +/-12 days... (Taking one high speed train going up and down to Puglia)

The Trenitalia website ask you to take your bike on board in a box or a bag which never exceeds 80x110x40 cm... As I am riding a Surly disk trucker, even if I'm taking everything off, the frame of the bike doesn't even get into that box (too small).


So I'm wondering : Are they really checking the size of the box/bag everytime ?? Did anyone here had any issue with the size of the box/bag ? 

Thank you very much for your quick answers :)



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I must say that the least I'm

I must say that the least I'm taking off stuff on the bike, the happier I am!

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Our last trains in Italy was

Our last trains in Italy was 2011 though four of us. We never had to put bikes in boxes, just had to unload bags and put bikes in storage compartment in train carriage (one on each carriage). Travelled Napoli to Latina then to Rome.

Max and Fleur

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Ok! Nice to know. I just

Ok! Nice to know. I just searched the web a little and asked for advice from WS colleagues and I think you don't need boxes on regional trains. 


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We will go to Italy too this summer

Salut Pierre!
This is the information we have:
We did purchase an international ticket (Venice to Germany) with bike space. It's a German EuroCity so there is bike space (no box needed). You can click to see the list of such trains on the bottom of the website (see link above).
 We plan to take regional trains in Italy and the website says if you pay for the bike you can take it and if you have it in a box it is free. So I assume you can take the bike on the train as it is. 
Also you might want to check out as some of their buses have a bike rack (select number of bicycles on the website or in their app). Like I can see a bus with bike option from Milano to Rome.
Safe travels!

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Hi Pierre,

Hi Pierre,
I have travelld by bike a bit in Italy a couple of years ago and as well exchanged info with some friends. So here it is my suggestion:

- Use local regional trains, they do cross regions, are slower and you might have to change/take more than one to reach a further destination, but they do not require any bag or box or you taking off the bags. You have to buy a ticket for your bike for these trains, but it is normally cheap. I suggest you do it at the train station before getting on the train. They are very cheap as well.
- If you plan to use long distance trains or fast ones anyway ask for info at the station. Yes you need to put the bike into something. Not many people use a box and this will take as well a lot of space on the train, where there is not much.
Many people use soft bags, since you only will handle your bike. A ot of people put their bikes into massive strong bin bags or similar, or even into bedsheets.

Hope it helps

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