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Problem with email reply not getting to the guest?

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Problem with email reply not getting to the guest?

We are new hosts and feel terrible about an apparent glitch in the email communication via WarmShowers:   On July 8th, we received a request from a potential guest who wanted to stay with us tonight. Within 3 hours I replied by email on my phone, saying we would be glad to host.  I gave specific directions and phone numbers.  I never received a confirmation back from him but assumed that was because he just didn't have time or internet connection.  We waited this afternoon for the arrival of him and his friend, but they never showed up. I messaged him directly on the WarmShowers website asking if he was OK and he replied, saying he had never received my reply.  We feel bad about this and don't know what we could have done differently.( I did confirm that my email was sent and didn't get hung up in drafts).   Since signing up, we  have had communication with four other guests/potential guests, communicating via email the same way as this guest, and had no problems whatsoever.  Has anyone else had this problem?   How do we avoid it in the future?  When I see other threads of hosts not responding, I wonder how much of that problem is a glitch in the WarmShower email communications system?

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