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Goatspeed Euro Tour

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Goatspeed Euro Tour

Hey guys,
We (Paolo and Ulla) left travelling on 14th June 2018, heading off for a cross-Europe trip from Estonia (our latest home for the past two years) to France, with our route going south through Eastern Europe (Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Slovakia) until Hungary, where we will turn west towards France, through Slovenia and Italy, and hopefully some detours into Austria and/or Switzerland.

The plan is to settle again in France, ... but we will see what will happen on the way!

We are hoping to stay with some Warmshowers hosts on the way, to meet some locals, get some tips for our way, and share our experiences.

We are as per today in Vilnius and tomorrow will be 1 month we have left everything, our flat, sold and given to charity our belongings, put on the bike what we thought was needed for the trip and gone nomad!


You can follow our trip here:


We still believe that meeting eople and sharing experiences is important.
Hope to meet you soon on the way my friends!

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