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Come do the Araucárias Circuit in Brazil and stay with us !

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Come do the Araucárias Circuit in Brazil and stay with us !

We're Sun Hunters group. We welcome bikers from all over the world to stay in our place, we have an available room with a double bed. By the way, you will always tag along and get to visit the amazing places where we shoot. There's a spare bike which you can ride and go on an adventure along 250 kilometers of the Araucarias Circuit in our region which passes by 4 towns. You'll find most places that we have already shot during the bike ride, there will surely be a lot of people willing to welcome tourists. If you're interested in our job and want to check it out yourself, these are the links to our social media and if you have any questions just ask us: 

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Circuito das araucárias

Hello. And thanks for posting. I’m traveling to São Paulo in November. And I would like to meet you all. Do I need a bus, or is it safe to pedal from São Paulo? I really want to explore your country and meet like minded individuals. I appreciate any advice you can give me. 

Eu entendo português, se é mais fácil pra você escriver. Um abraço. 

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