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Schwarzwald by bike, circuit

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Schwarzwald by bike, circuit

Hello, I travel from Helsinki to Spain and I would like visit Schwarzwald. I have to arrive from Donauworth to some place to start the circuit bat I do not know what could be the most beautiful places.

At the end of my circuit I will travel to Zurich. 


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I recommend visiting Bad

I recommend visiting Bad Wildbad. You can still feel the glory of past years before cheap charter flights changed summer resorts in Europe. I don't know more specific places to recommend. I strongly suggest using non-pawed forest routes while in Schwarzwald. All the courses I tried were in perfect condition. The nature is beautiful. You can find useful information about those routes (including bicycle route planner) online - or you can buy detailed paper cycling maps when you are there.

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Black Forrest Biking

hi Pedro,

on the low end of my profile page you can find a number of links to maps regarding touring Schwarzwald by bike. 

  kind regards


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