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Flying w KLM w bike in a plastic bag

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Flying w KLM w bike in a plastic bag

does anyone have experiences of shipping your bike in a transparent, non-padded plastic bag when flying with KLM?

According to their webpage "However, a softcover casing is also allowed if it includes an internal protective packing material".

A padded casing would wheigh and take up too much space to bring along.
A cardboard box isn't that easy to find, to take to the airport and requires the hassle of disassembling and assembling the bike. 

It would be so easy to just do it like so:


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Hi Stefan, I always use a cardboard box. I collect it at a bicycle shop. I email or call them 2 weeks before I leave so they save one for me.  I fold the box and arrange car transport. O yeah I use a roll if cheap brown box tape. You just have to take the pedals off and rotate the steer. 

I personally think the bike is better protected this way. 

Greetings, Marije

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KLM damaged our bicycles that

KLM damaged our bicycles that were neatly packaged in a cardboard box with extra protection and padding inside. No fun to arrive at San Francisco, assemble your bike and discover that your front wheel with dynamo is completely bent. I wouldn’t risk a plastic bag... and am seriously considering to buy a proper bike box to better protect my bike. Seeing the damage, these boxes receive a really rough handling.

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Oh then I have been really lucky with all the flights. A real bike box cost money and you have to return to the box...well I think it is all personal and a bit of luck I guess.

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