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Goodbye Google maps

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Goodbye Google maps

I've received the report to the WS community.

It seems it's time to stop using google maps, now they are dramatically increasing their charges.

It seem that the WS site could work equally well with OpencycleMap or OpenStreetMap.

crazyguyonabike has recently made that change, not without pain.

See the forums page on for information about just how CGOAB has done it.

Another subject:

When somebody is not available for hosting, please leave their city and country details.  That's useful information to give clues about language spoken etc.

Perhaps hosts should be given the full address details of people requesting accommodation, in case they have need to contact them.

Fair enough to allow people to be 'unavailable for hosting' but why allow them to be so anonymous?




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Yes, this has been requested

Yes, this has been requested a number of times over the last few years, it seems like the perfect time to migrate to OSM. What say ye Warmshowers overlords?

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Regarding comments on map services

Thank you all for the great feedback and comments on the mapping services.  Before we move to another mapping system, we are working with Google to deteremine how many credits we have access to as a nonprofit organization.  If that is not a suitable solution then we will definitly revisit other mapping services.

Thank you again!


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Google maps

I also followed crazyguyonabike's change from Google maps to an open source one. The change has now been completed and works, but as has been pointed out, it was an arduous task. The new map also lacks some of the features that comes with Google maps. With over 100,000 users, can't Warmshowers ask members for donations to help cover the monthly fees? I can't believe that enough of us wouldn't donate a small amount that would easily cover what they are asking. 

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Pay if it's better

Hi Marti

If the google maps were much better, then perhaps WS should pay to use them. But doing so is writing an open cheque to Google.

I'd say WS should bite the bullet and move away from the risk of ever-increasing google charges.

Many if not most other cycle touring/mapping apps/websites seem to have done it already.



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Ed, you may be right; it would be great to get out from under the giant. My concern is finding volunteers to set up a new map. But with such a large WS membership you would hope there are some techies out there who could give some of their time.  After CGOAB and WS, I wonder now if RideWithGPS and MapMyRide are next. 

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