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Getting from San Salvador to Choluteca

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Getting from San Salvador to Choluteca

Well, Murphy always gets his licks in.

Got all my flights and lodging arranged, only to find that I am not allowed to take a rental car from El Salvador to Honduras unless I rent it for seven days or more and go to the rental counter 72 hours in advance to buy an expensive permit!  The bus route according to Rome2Rio (usually wrong, I know) is go to Galan, stay on the bus, go to Tegucigalpa, stay overnight, go to Choluteca passing through Galan.

Wasn't planning to bring my bike because I only have 96 hours from landing till take-off.

Suggestions?  Is there a site to find rides?  Is hitchhiking viable?  Anyone reading who'd like to drive it for 100 US dollars?  Or is there a better bus route than that Rome2Rio offered?


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Hitch-hike or hire a ride

Well, if it matters to anyone else, I got one answer from another site.


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