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Spontaneous Berlin - Prague tour ... question re: Camping / Wildcamping

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Spontaneous Berlin - Prague tour ... question re: Camping / Wildcamping


I've pretty spontaneously decided to go to Prague from Berlin as I am helping out with a week-long scientific conference there ... and will cycle back after. That is, I am leaving next week. Only barely have organised a bicycle (this will be the first time I actually tour on someting that's not a heap of scrap parts ready to fall apart on moments notice.) I haven't nailed down a precise route, other then checking Naviki and eyeballing getting to Dresden then following the Elbe. One of the most gentle routes I've done in a long time.

All my recent touring and hiking / mountaineering experience was in regions and countries where wild camping is either legal, illegal but tolerated, or where there's simply not much regulation either way. I am afraid I've probably become utterly naive about how easy and hassle free wild-camping can be :). In places where wild camping is illegal but tolerated I generally ask  locals if I can pitch somewhere nearby, or if they'd offer their garden - and find that  many do help and point out opportunities. It often also acts as a way to get into those type of conservations with locals I I love / crave / enjoy.

The last time I've actually cycled through Germany and the Czech Republic was some 25 years ago - when I still travelled with my parents - and wild camping utterly wasn't on our radar. Googling around a bit about attitudes in Germany / Czech republic I am a little concerned now.

From what I read out there wild camping seems fairly risky In both Germany and the Czech republic. What are your experiences about local people randomly offering camping spots on that route? I guess the Elbe tour gets so many cycling tourists that it might be tough going, too - I generally find touristy places generally expect (rightfully, maybe) for the people passing through to use commercial camping sites.

Is bivacing easier? I haven't done much of that, so this might be something to try a little more often, on this route.

I don't really like public camp sites unless they are really quiet out of the way affairs - both as I like solo travelling, and as one of the reasons I really am out cycling is to meet everyday, local, people, not necessarily others travelling through as well. Not 'cause I dislike other travellers, but because the discussions and conservations with locals just, by their nature, always give so much more colour and depth to the places I travel through. And, as I say on my profile, I really don't like parties and party like atmospheres and noisy spaces - as camp sites can be. Likely not as much of a problem now in off season.

Anyone know of camp sites along the way that are not too ... camp siteish?

[I am also so concerned that I might have utterly lost my ability to make it to a specific spot before night time, too. I am so used to meandering when touring now. Part of the mental pre-tour wobbles.]

Thank you for any thoughts / suggestions / comments :),



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wild camping

I did not understand whole post. I like wild camping in Germany. I use to ask in villages at the garden. I start early enough. If they say "maybe", better to drive away. Do not camp on public places or in natural park (especial around Dresden!). It can become expensive. Ask local for good places. All the younger people speak English very well. but only few older ones. Better to ask in simple German language. At the borderline are many natianalistic people. Be careful, better to go to the next town and pay a hostel.

You can call me or send a WhatsApp.

Have a good ride and good nights.

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On biking path. At dark. Pic nic tables

Just find a place where your tent is hidden from general traffic of car+people and you will be alright, like in a forest. 

Along a hiking/biking path you will be fine, people who might see there you like tents. 

If you have to/want to put up your tent where it is forbidden, tent when its dark and leave early.

Where there is a pic nic table, a gtillplatz, a spielplatz, tenting is fine. 

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