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Portugal Coastal Camino Santiago de Compostela

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Portugal Coastal Camino Santiago de Compostela

In the first week of November I'm looking to ride from Porto up to Santiago de Compostela on a road bike. This is my first solo ride and I'm seeking any information regarding bike paths or trail conditions.

I've riden from Porto up to Povoa de Vazim a couple of times and I know that it's mostly flat with a mixture of dedicated and shared paths, boardwalks, and cobblestone streets. At 2 or 3 places along the way I have to get off the bike because the boardwalk was under repair, covered in deep sand, or required climbing up stairs.

Since I will be trying to hug the coast I'm thinking it will be much of the same but it looks like once I get to Pontevedra in Spain the trail moves off the coast. 

Would really like to know what the paths/trails are like from Pontevedra northward. I'm assuming and hopefully correct that it should be passible on a road bike. 



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I did it. It was wonderfull

I did it. It was wonderfull and easy to ride.

I stayed out of the path near Santiago. Too many people on foot. Good luck!

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