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A map to keep track of your route?

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A map to keep track of your route?


I hope I am making this post in the right forum...

I am just looking for a site/app to keep the record of my routes and distances covered (and elevation) on a map. It sounds very easy and common but I cannot find a good one, I love Koomot and bikemap style but both of them collapse after adding a certain amount of information... I have also tried expemag but it does not create a route following the roads, it only makes straight lines (or maybe I didn't notice how to use it properly?)

If someone knows another one I would appreciate.


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bike map

I use gpsies just to plan my route and to have à gpx file ( for my GPS) 

For expemag when you create your "trip" you can import first your gpx traces ( avoid straight lines) 

open  Créer un carnet

then topo 

and the last icone importer une trace 

after you can add all the WP you want 



I heard about stava but did'nt use

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