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July Europe

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July Europe



I am starting to plan a trip in Europe for the month of July and wondered if anyone was doing something similar. I haven't even begun planning the route yet as research has just begun.

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Same here


I am in kind of same situation. I want to do trip in summer 2019. How much distance do you do on average?

I do 50-100Km/day, prefer wild camping or cheap camp grounds or asking someone for a place to camp, can cook or eat food from supermarkets.


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Hey Waqar,

ich habe in dem Forum gesehen, dass du auch eine Fahrradtour im Sommer machen möchtest.

Hast du schon eine Idee? Ich hatte überlegt vom 23.07-03.08.2019 eine Fahrradtour im Noden (von Hildesheim richtung Hamburg, Lübeck) zu machen (60-100km pro Tag und bei Freunden oder warmshowers zu übernachten) bin aber im Moment noch in der Planungsphase und auch für andere Ziele offen.

Falls du dort auch Zeit hast und Lust auf eine Tour kannst du dich gerne melden.

Liebe Grüße aus Freiburg


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French Alps

Hey Sophie,

I’m thinking about a trip in early July from Geneva to Turin via Mont Blanc.

It’d be cool to get a pack together for it if you’re interested?



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Hello Peter, I would like that too. Do you own a roadbike ? I have repetidly posted here similar plans, to no avail. Greetings from Geneva's lake.

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Pyreneans in August

Hello Sophie, I'm going to the Pyreans in August, starting August 2nd from Barcelona going west through the mountains to San Sebanstian on the Atlantic coast. I'll mostly stay in camping grounds, days of about ~60 km, I'll see how it goes.

I'll be glad to bike together, anyone reading this is welcome.


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July in Norway?

Hi Sophie,

I will be in Norway for the month of July! Starting from Kristiansand to the north along the coast.
So if you will be in the area at the same time... ;)

See you

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Touring Norway

Hey ;) Will you still be Touring in Norway in August? ;D

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Hi Sophie and everyone else

Hi Sophie and everyone else

I'm thinking of a trip through the Balkans (Kroatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, ...) somewhere mid July - mid August.

Let me know when you have similar plans! But I'm also up for other destinations, such a Poland, Ukraine, ...



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Tour in Europe in july and august

Hey everybody !

I plan a biketrip these july and august 2019 in Europe. Nothing already really planned now. I live in Nice (France), but I don't know from where I'm gonna start.

I also have to look for a touring bike.

 I really prefer to ride with friends than alone !! :-) I like to share.

I'm gonna look for more precisions these days, but I was thinking to tour in France, or Countries around, or Northern Europe if it's too hot right here. ;)

If somebody is in, let's gooooo ! I'm really flexible !

See youuu !