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Brompton touring

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Brompton touring

I'm heading off in a few months with my partner and 1-y/o son to travel the Eurovelo 6 from the Danube Delta to Saint-Nazaire on the French Atlantic coast.

I'm planning to take my Brompton, along with a trailer (probably the Radical Design Cyclone IV Chubby Bicycle Trailer).  My partner may (or may not) have a Brompton.  Our child will be in a Croozer trailer.  

So, possibly two Bromptons, a gear trailer and a child trailer.

This means strapping at least some luggage to the Bromptons themselves - I've seen lots of pics and read some stuff about how people do this, but some of the stuff, like putting a backpack on the back rack looks pretty unstable.


The advantages are many: -

* compact

* can be packed as normal luggage

* can be taken into tents / hotel rooms easily

* generally more portable when not in use

Possible disadvantages include: -

* less riding comfort over long distances

* less robust bicycle

* more proprietary parts, so harder to service and repair


Just interested if anyone has had experience of Brompton touring that includes some unsealed / dirt roads and has an opinion about whether taking a Brompton is a good or bad idea.


Any input about gear strapped to Bromptons or generally any comment on the above.


Your thoughts much appreciated!



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Contact Bromptonmaniac on Facebook. He has just toured NZ on a Brompton and kept a great FB update. 

Hope that helps


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Thank you John for a link. As

Thank you John for a link. As for U Robert I'm looking forward to get some updates from this trip of yours. I, myself though about traveling with folding bike. But, till now I've done few trips with regular bike. Have an awesome journey.

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I know a guy who cycled on a

I know a guy who cycled on a Brompton from Germany to China. Yes, that means he also went over the Pamirs! I cycled with him for about a week in Turkey and I have to say I was impressed. He would usually outpace me going uphill (being lighter), but I would catch up with him going down. He had, as you mention, a big bag sitting on his rear rack, which looked stable, and a big Brompton bag attached to the front. He had quite a few punctures as I recall, but that could just be bad luck. Being light and portable was definitely an advantage, and has made me dream of using a folding bike in the future. He could easily lug his stuff up stairs if staying at a hostel or in an apartment building, or onto a train.

I would say: go for it! Along the EuroVelo routes you will have plenty of places to buy spare parts if you need them, so no need to worry about that.

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