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Ecuador by bike - any advice ?

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Ecuador by bike - any advice ?

Hi guys ! 

My name is Annie. Me and my boyfriend are in Ecuador with our bikes for the next three months. We are really excited about discovering this wonderful country. It's our first real cyclotourism experience.

Our set-up is between traditionnal cyclotourism and bikepacking. We don't particularly like single track, but we aren't fan of cycle with a lot of circulation et lot's of cars. We prefer gravel road, quiet asphalt routes or easy mountain bike roads. . 

We plan to go from North to South by this route: We are living from Quito, and will have to come back at this city at the end of the trip.

If you have any advice or suggestions of routes or places to go in Ecuador, especially in Amazonie or on the coast, it will be welcome !

Thanks a lot,

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