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Argentina - Bolivia - Perú

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Argentina - Bolivia - Perú

Hi! I start my trip from Tucuman - Argentina to the Pacific coast in Peru, passing through Bolivia.
Can you recommend routes, tips, campsites, security, experiences?
My plan is to start in San Miguel de Tucuman - Tafi del Valle - Cafayate - Salta - San Salvador de Jujuy - La quiaca -
(Bolivia and Peru I do not have references) but I am interested in Salar del Uyuni and avoid La Paz
Thanks for your time


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These places are remote, with

These places are remote, with often strong winds, high altitude, often very cold at night, terrible "ripio" and limited food choices, but awesome other-worldly landscape with few cars and few people.  Absolutely spectacular and worth the effort.  I'm jealous! 

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This website has various

This website has various routes from across the world, including Peru and Bolivia, that look incredible.

Hope this helps!



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