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Southern Italy - 3 weeks - questions and itinerary

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Southern Italy - 3 weeks - questions and itinerary

Ciao tutti,

me and a friend are going on 3-weeks cycling trip to the south of Italy (Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicilia). We will fly to Napoli on April 7th and fly back also from Napoli on April 26th.

The route (very basic) is Napoli - Vesuvio - Pompei - Sorrento - Amalfi coast --> South, my main interest is beatiful landscape, national parcs, old little towns etc.

Questions I have:

1) We will arrive in Napoli very late at night. Is it possible to cycle to the city from the airport? Is it possible to take the bike (in a cardboard) to public transport?

2) Does anyone have a recommendation on a) where to store the cardboards for 3 weeks or b) cycling shops where we could get new ones?

3) Recommendations and things to see/do/eat/drink in the south of Italy?


Thanks you so much in advance. If anyone is available as a host for 2 people and to bikes, we are more than happy!

Best Regards


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