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Info about cycling in Yunnan - China

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Info about cycling in Yunnan - China

Hi fellow warmshowers, 

I'm an active warmshowers host living in Kunming. I cycled from Amsterdam to Tokyo and decided to settle in Kunming after I finished my trip, where I have hosted more than 50 warmshowers guests already.

I still cycle a lot in China's most beautiful province and collect a lot of up to date info on routes, visa situation and other practical stuff. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Unfortunately

China has a bad rep because of the government and how it's portrayed in the media but of course the personal experience of meeting lovely people, enjoying beautiful sceneries and of course the amazing food make it a great country to cycle in! It's cheap and the roads are excellent.

Please be welcome in the City of Eternal Spring if you cycle through Yunnan :-) Best regards from sunny Kunming!


Some of my articles and blog posts about cycling in Yunnan:

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