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Plan your international cycling trips on a dedicated web-app

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Plan your international cycling trips on a dedicated web-app

Hi cyclists!

For a long time I've been working on this project, and now I would like to share it with the WarmShowers community.

I created this web application that is meant to help cyclists plan their international trips.
It helps you figure out how much time you need to ride from a place to another, and what should be the climate when you reach there.

It is 100% free of charge and advertising. It is a gift to the wandering cyclists community! You can try it now:

The only thing I would appreciate in return is feedback. The application is still under development. There is a lot of things I would like to improve. So if you encounter bugs or difficulties, or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Happy planning. Happy cycling. Happy travelling.

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Hi Erwan , I very much appreciate your's very fine map.Greetings.saras.

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Great stuff and seems very

Great stuff and seems very useful.

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Hello guys.

Hello guys.

Thanks for your encouraging comments.
I realize now that when I published this early release of Talaria, I was more in seek of picky criticisms. But I got only positive feedback so far, and I must say it is actually very nice to recieve too!

As I mentioned, work on Talaria is still in progress. At the moment I'm focused on tackling some technical stuff under the hood. But after that I would like to provide new tools, in order to allow scheduling shorter trips (or portions of a long one), on a day by day basis.
It seems to me that this will be a major new feature for Talaria. I look forward to achieve it, and to use it for my own needs! Hope it will be useful to some others.

I'll keep you updated on this forum.


(By the way Hallgrímur, is it Iceland behind you on your profile picture? It looks just amazing!)

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Hi Erwan

Hi Erwan

I've only had a quick play with your app but it looks very useful. I plan on recreating some of my recent tours on it and seeing how it's time estimates compare to the real thing. One question I do have for you though is what do the colours represent? Is it weather or heat, or something else?


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Hi Syd. Thank for your

Hi Syd. Thank for your feedback.

Regarding time estimations, it mostly depends on the parameters that you provide. Make sure to setup your own traveling pace in the "Avg. Km/day" input field.

As for the colors, they are a mix up of various climate stats (temperatures, rainfall, wind, etc.). They range in 5 grades, from red (terrible) to deep green (great). You can click on this indicator if you want more details: it will open a pop-up at the bottom of which you will see the full climate report. (This report can be more or less comprehensive, depending on the location).

In all cases, I recommend that you don't take these indicators too literally. By definition, an average speed can't be accurate in all circumstances. And climate stats aren't weather predictions.
I have ideas of how to improve Talaria's accuracy in the future. But keep in mind that this app doesn't aim to give you a definite travel plan (as you know, there is no definite plan for international cycling trip); the idea is to help you sketch the outlines of you trip.

Comparing real experience with Talaria's expectations is a good test for it, though. It would be a great feedback for me if you could let me know your feelings after recreating your recent tours.

Hope Talaria will help you for the coming ones.

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Well done!

Hi Erwan,

A big Thanks also from me!

But if you are looking for some critics, here's a small one: often the search field doesn't find the location I am looking for on the first run. Example: I tipped "Bonn" and got some proposals in the US. When I wrote it again, I got Bonn, Germany (what was intended). Unfortunately I cannot find out the exact circumstances, when this happens.

May there always be tailwind with you!


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Location search results

Hi & thanks.

I agree your critics Thomas. I'm not so satisfied with the location search results either.

In case several places can be found with the same name, I believe the user should be offered to choose one of them in a list. And you also make me realize that the search results provide the city name in French*, whereas the country is in English! (See the result for "Köln", for instance.)

I'm adding both issues to the "quickly debug" list. But I can't promise it will be so quick. I have very limited time to dedicate to Talaria at the moment.
What I recommend in the meanwhile is that when you are suggested a place in the wrong country (or state, or region...), you just specify the expected area: "Bonn, Germany" for instance. It should work just fine.

Don't hesitate to report more bugs or critics. They are useful to me.
Thanks again.


* French in my case, probably German in yours.

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Finally quick

I didn't want you to cancel your trip to Bonn because of Talaria ;) So I found time this week-end to improve the location search form.
No more languages mix, and up to three options in response to your search.

I hope it will be more convenient this way. Please let me know you own feeling if you have time.

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thanks for the immediate solution! Now it's no problem to find Bonn. Yeah! :-) And, oh, nevertheless another small problem: I can't find the north cape. Or better to say, I find three of them, but none of them corresponds to the map. Because I can't upload pictures into that post, I edited a small page within my site (which is not linked to other pages or posts and will be deleted soon again) to show you what I mean. So have a look here:

Anyway I want to state that these problems are peanuts to me, because it is not impossible to find the locations I am looking for - at least by just pointing on the map, which is also a great service!


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I read the page and took some notes. Thanks. You can delete it.

Indeed, the map and the search form don't point the same place for Nordkapp, Finnmark. Probably because I'm taking the data from two different sources (Geonames vs OpenStreetMap).
But just like you, I don't take it too bad. The search form wasn't design to be very precise anyway. My idea, just like you did, was that one can quick&roughly pick a place from the form, and refine the position on the map if needed. (Or directly point the place on the map.)
Also, Talaria aims to help for long trips, in which 30Km of imprecision don't really matter.

Still, your comments underlined an annoying issue in Talaria, and motivated me to improve the feature. I'm grateful for that.
Enjoy Noth Cape. Send us pictures when you get there. ;)