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I am thinking to cycle in Romania this summer, I am interested in the area of transylvania. Does anyone has any experience in this region. Also what would be the best way to enter to transylvania from hungary - the danube is too south :)

I am really thankfull for any inforamation.


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To enter Transylvania from

To enter Transylvania from Hungary, I recommend 1) the crossing directly east of Decebren (at Valea lui Mihai), or 2) at Letavertes-Sacuieni . Both of these are very quiet, low-traffic roads that are nice for cycling.

I strongly recommend that you do not cross from Hungary into Romania at Oradea or at Nădlac. Those two roads are major European truck corridors and unsafe to cycle on.

I lived in Transylvania for many years, but it is a very big place with many possibilities for cycling, so if you want more specific information, you should tell me what cities/towns you plan to visit there.

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Thank you for your good

Thank you for your good advice. I havn´t planed any details yet. I would love to experience beautiful nature, maybe national parks. Do you have any information about it?


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Crossing from Hungary to Romania

We are doing velo route 6. Is the crossing that you've recommended near to route 6. We want to avoid heavy traffic but dont want to be too far from route 6

Thank you

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Crossing and national park

I crossed two times the border between hungary and Romania. 

The first íme was 16 years ago, by "valea ei muhei" and it was a big experience because just after that the visa was mandatory to cross.

The other time was 5 years ago, by Guyla. 

The both are nice and you will cross the Tisza, beautiful river. 

The first time, I remember a lot of wind because very flat but I could visit the Hortobágyi nationale park. I had seen a movie a nice movie about it few days ago. It could be possible to go with bike in the park to a view point of the cranes.

The second time, you will cross Szarvas, a thermal city. At some place, there is truck traffic there.

You can see my journey on my website which you will find on my profile. 

Enjoy your tour

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