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Hello fellow cyclists

We are planning a week long mid April tour of SE Utah. Our route would basically be Moab-Monticello-Fry Canyon-Hanksville-Green River-Moab, stopping to see some of the amazing parks along the way. 

We haven't cycled in this area before so are looking for any tips and recommendations. Are the roads cycle friendly? Are there lots of camping spots along the way? Resources-water/food? We will be completely self supported-fully loaded with tents and gear.

If there are any other recommendations of great cycling trips in the area please let us know! Our plans are flexible

Thank you!

Jenn & Houston

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I biked USBR70 (https://www

I biked USBR70 ( about 6 years ago and it was pretty bike friendly. It was remote, so there weren't a lot of cars at all and very beautiful. The ride from Blanding to Hite is especially remote and I ran out of water. Luckily some we ran into some nice people who gave us some of theirs. I definitely recommend bringing extra water or having a cache for this stretch.

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