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New board members?

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New board members?

Regarding the search for new members for the WS board as reported in a bulk email received on the 4th of December 2018: 'Warmshowers is looking for several new Board members starting in January 2019.' and subsequently confirmed in an email received on the 24th of December 2018: 'We are happy to report that we have received hundreds of applications and inquiries to fill our open board of director positions. We closed the application and will be in touch with those that applied, as soon as we can' I have been unable to find any report on who the new members are even though they have been presumably serving since January 2019, could we have an update please?

Additionally, I have been unable to find any information about the selection process. What did it consist of and who was involved?

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There was something in the

There was something in the newsletter from April 16. That there had been an election in February (I must have missed this too) and that two new members had been elected. Someone named Stephanie (but that is not Steph Verwys, she is continuing) and Remy/Remi (inconsistent spelling in the newsletter). No last names, no links to WS accounts. 

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Maybe you could ask Len Bulmer


Maybe you could kindly ask Chairman of the Board, Len Bulmer to publicly clarify these issues and also to tell where are the bylaws (as asked by Christopher Culver in another posting ). It would clean the air a lot, I think.

I just received "Message from the Chairman" into my mailbox (as signed by Bulmer), although I guess it's an automated posting. The contents was somewhat vague, but I guess the intention is to petition for donations.


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