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Anyway to mark your driveway to alert WS members they can stay?

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Anyway to mark your driveway to alert WS members they can stay?

When I was on my bicycle tour in Central America I used an app called iOverlander and used it when no WS hosts where around.  The iOverlander has a symbol of some street signs and I noticed at a few places I stayed at, even in the towns, people marked their driveway with the same symbol, red square with the white sign symbol, you can look it up by going to  I think the symbol changed actually, I can't remember what it was before.

Anyway, I was thinking of taking a old child's bicycle tire and paint it the same greenish-blue color the WS site has and bolting it to my fence post.  That way 99.9% of people that see it won't think anything of it but people who do WS would recognize it.

Is there any other symbol I could use to alert bicyclists they have a place to stay here?  I live along the highway and see people go by occasionally.


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Hey Stan:  Answering your

Hey Stan:  Answering your question, I have been a WS host/guest for 7 years, staying with over one hundred hosts and have only seen only one sign as a designation.  It was homemade.  Now I have a question for you.  I am interested in the iOverland group but I don't see anything on their site that talks about hosts.  I am cycling to Newfoundland this summer and they have few WS members there.  Can you help me out?

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I rode from the US to Panama

I rode from the US to Panama and used a mix of Warm Showers, Couchsurfing, and iOverlander.  iOverlander isn't really hosts as much as places travelers have found to places to sleep, free or paid, mainly RVs and Campers but still have a lot of entries for bicyclists.  A few people list themselves there, a lot of churches, but mainly people say if a gas station let them sleep on their property, what beaches were free to camp on, ect.  I haven't used it since I got back from my last tour but you can even filter free to paid to campgrounds with water and showers and how much they cost.  It's a mix bag really but I used it quite a bit.  It is really good to find fire stations and churches that are bicyclist friendly.  That was like 70% of where I slept, on land I asked permission to pitch my tent on.

Couchsurfing is a mixed bag, I was told there wasn't space for my bike and once I even got to a host's house and he was like 'wow your bike is big, I don't think I have space for it' and I just went to the local fire station and slept there.  I did use it around 20-40 times but not as much as WS or iOverlander.

By far however was just asking Red Cross, Fire stations, Police Stations, Hospitals, Churches, schools, ect if I could camp on their lawn.  Sometimes I was even given the ok to sleep inside and sometimes they let me take a shower.  I met some really cool people this way also.

I think you can camp anywhere in in the countryside in Canada.  I have read bike blogs that state most countries that were controlled by England at one point have a 'queens land' law where basically all the land in the countryside not owned by a citizen is owned by the queen so it is ok to camp out in the open.  Here in the US we don't have that law with government owned land and we stealth camp.  If you're going to Canada you should research that.

The other option is have the money to pay for a motel every night, which I did not have.  People in Latin America were nice and a few times people invited me to stay at their house.  Not sure about Canadians, I've only been across the boarder once for a day trip and the ones I met living here weren't the nicest but I hear they're generally nice.  Really the only ones that need to be nice are the firefighters, well, and the ones in the cars.

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Chain an old bike to your

Chain an old bike to your mailbox. That should send the message!

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Huh, I might call my local

Huh, I might call my local dump and ask if I can pick up one of their rusy old bikes to put on disply.  No one will miss an entire bike.

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Interesting topic- Perhaps

Interesting topic- Perhaps Just make a sign that says in letter: 'WarmShowers Host'...maybe add 'Inquire Within'... let me know what you end up doing, and how it works! Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near a main road, so won't work for me unless I put up about 3 signs 

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