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Smartphone Without Electrical Socket

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Smartphone Without Electrical Socket

Hello everybody!

Anyone knows a way of using a Smartphone everyday and all day long without ever needing an electrical socket?

I've seen some solar panels and dynamos but I've never tried them.

Any suggestion that actually makes this would be great!



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Yes, a dynamo setup will work

Yes, a dynamo setup will work provided you ride faster than ~12mph/20kph for it to deednt charge.  Wheb sub-12mph, it charges but not as fast.  For a comparison, while touring, my riding average (not overall average) is about 11mph.  I can typically charge about 3 AA batteries during a typical day on average.  I also use a cache battery.  My system charges the cache battery which in turn charges 1) rechargeable batteries, 2) cell phone, 3) other devices (if any) that can be charged via USB-input.  The reason I do it this way is that the phone, etc. keep charging from the cache battery even overnight.

My system works great for paved touring.  For off-pavement touring, I would think it woudl be difficult (for me at least) to ONLY use the dynamo to keep things charged.  It may be possible if you ride above 12mph on off-pavement, but I would find that difficult to do day in and day out.

Hope this helps.  Tailwinds, John

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Can you provide hyperlinks to the dynamo and cache battery you're using?

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Here are some links

The above is for the hub.  I use a SON28.  The link is in the USA but since SON is German and you appear to be in Europe, I am sure your local bike shop could provide you info on it.  Any power bank by Anker is a quality unit.  The Anker 20100mAh power bank would provide you with about 5-6 complete phone charges assuming you did not charge the power bank at all.  It is fairly lightweight.  I would keep it in a recloseable plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet when it is raining.

Hope this helps and happy trails, John

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This is a trusted

This is a trusted manufacturer of USB chargers.

Model #20100 kept my phone going for 5 days of riding (constant use) with only 2 charges.

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New Bicycle with Dynamo

I bought a new bicycle that already has a dynamo on it. The model of it is DH-C3000-3N-NT and I believe it's the same power output as the SON28 John Nettles mentioned. It says 6 Volt / 3 Watts. I already have a Powerbank but the thing is I can't find a way of connecting the Powerbank to the dynamo... The dynamo connector is called E2 type and I googled but couldn't find a E2 type cable to USB.

This is the dynamo on my bicycle:

This is the Powerbank I got:

This is the connector of the dynamo:

And the connector of the light:

Any ideas on this would be great!

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Solar Panel

I've been using a solar panel for several years, and it's works pretty well.   I strap it either on my front handle bar bag or on the back, and charge a battery pack.   It looks like the Anker one has gone up in price a lot, so I think any brand would be okay.   I was using the two-panel charger, then upgraded to the three panel one.   The panel will directly charge kindle, GoPro, and Fitbit.    Phone must be charged through battery pack only.


I've been thinking of upgrading to a dynamo hub, but I'm really not sure it's worth the expense, since the solar panel works so well.


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