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4 weeks in July - August. Where should I go?!

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4 weeks in July - August. Where should I go?!

Hi all

I've got 4 weeks off from mid July to mid August, and contemplating a bike trip. I'd love to go somewhere fairly well peddaled as will be on my own and tend to get lonely with no on to talk to! I've done US Pacific Coast from Vancouver to San Diego which I loved. Any suggestions for options? I'm stiffled by opportunity currently. 

Edit: I'm happy to camp in sites, but not stealth camping. Ideally I don't want to cycle in the rain for a month, and looking for some warm weather, with high liklihood of meeting other cycle tourers heading the same way. Less excited by cities, and prefer the quieter roads and beautiful views of the countryside. Contemplating part of the Sierra Cascades in the US, or headng out my front door in South West England and heading off to Europe. 



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That's a rather open ended question. You can't go to far wrong with a Eurovelo route. EV6 is hard to beat. What constraints do you have? You might look into the FB group Cycle Touring Companions if you want company. Have you perused websites like for route ideas? Are you looking to camp, rough camp, hostel, b&b?

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What about your tour?

As mentioned in an other message, eurovelo 6 could be a good way. 

If you want to meet people in Germany, there is a lot of bed + bike. You have to looking for dachgeber on your navigator

Let me know what is your spirit about it. 



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July August 2019 central Asia

Hi Robin,I,m in semelar mental situations ! I like to go out but being All the way alone,for me make NO sense.I.m willing to go to mountains towards central Asia Bike Travel-pameer Highway in coming July 20-August ,I may go further to China.If you like to meet,join,you could,write me.Greetings from Frankfurt Germany.

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4 week in July -August

I agree - EV6 is hard to beat - you will find camp grounds to use in France, Grmany, Swizerland, Austria. Furter downstreaem, it is easy to camp aalongside the river, without feeling you have to be stealthily hidden.  From the UK, you culd tkae the ferry from Portsmouth and cyclcel from St Malo down to join the EV6.  Then just keep going north and east.   

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Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles via Rockies/Sierra Mtns

At this time of year, the mountains are gorgeous and well-travelled, with plenty of great WarmShowers hosts along the way! The trek through Nevada is not so great in July and August, unless you love the heat. But Cedar City, Utah on the west edge of the Rockies (where I host WarmShowers guests) has excellent bus connections to Las Vegas, and it's a much shorter desert ride from there to L.A. I know the trip is achievable in 4 weeks, from doing it in the opposite direction a few years ago.

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