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Cabot Trail - Nova Scotia

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Cabot Trail - Nova Scotia


I am planning to cycle the Cabot Trail this June as part of a larger bike tour of the coast of Maine and Canadian Maritimes. If anyone has ridden the Cabot Trail before, which way did you do it? (clockwise or counter-clockwise?) Is there a certain way you would recommend riding it based on wind or hills or anything? Any advice is appreciated. I will also be touring on Prince Edward Island and would appreciate any route advice you may have for that region as well. 




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Cabot trail


Don't think it really make a differents I went clock wise.  Beauitful ride not easy but beauitful.  Have fun.

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Cabot Trail

In some ways this depends on your starting point. You will appreciate the scenery much more if you go through the National Park on sunny days. Depending on the weather window - if rain do the Margaree Valley leg (Baddeck - Margaree).

Here is a good link to cycling the Cabot Trail with map, notes and GPS files.