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Bike transportation on flight with Utair

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Bike transportation on flight with Utair

Hi Warmshowerers,

we are planning a trip to Pamir Highway this summer. We want to fly from Vienna to Dushanbe, do the trip and then fly back from Bishkek. Flights from Vienna to Dushanbe are only possible with Utair without changing the airline. The information on the Utair website about bike transportation is unfortunately not very clear and partly contradictory. Communication with Utair contacts was also not answering all questions. So we were hoping that some of you have experience with bike transport on Utair flights and could help us out. Our main questions would be:

- Is it possible to reserve the bike transport beforehand for the specific flight or really only spontaneously at the airport (I would feel very nervous about that)?

- Is the bike box considered sports equipment additional to the baggage allowance that we already have included in our booking? (Or would we need to stuff our baggage into the bike box to only have one piece of baggage?)

Tipps for bike transport on flights in general are also very appreciated. We did it once before, but it was a short and direct flight.

Best wishes

Filip and Isa


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Vienna to Dushanbe


I have no answer for you because I have never traveled with Utair.

What I have experienced, it is with wizzair or Ryanair.

And for the packing, I put all my luggage in the bycicle box and I had 30 kg as limit of weight.

If you have any information about how to travel with a bike at the airport of Vienne, that will be welcome.