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Why was "worries for our community changes" locked?

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Why was "worries for our community changes" locked?

Ken Francis, e-mail, fifth of may

During my tenure on the Board I have pushed for more organization and accountability.  The governing board has developed procedures, policies, and committees to make this organization more accountable, viable, and safe for its members. Issues are no longer handled randomly. Policies are followed and committees take accountability.  We are continuing to refine our policies as new technical and global issues arise.  Change happens.

The thread was locked just prior to sending out an e-mail, eight of may, talking a big game about community, from the e-mail:

During 2018, we on the Board have discussed strategic directions, how to fend hackers off the site

Step down. This site has really gone belly up during your tenure. Security through obscurity is not viable.

I guess the libre software days are truly over. Len Bulmer, Chairman of the board has the audacity to use "hackers" this way. Btw, check out BeWelcome and Trustroots if you don't like the direction Warmshowers thinks is comercially viable.

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It's interesting that Ken should phrase his answer this way. I and others have politely asked for the organization's bylaws, but it appears that if board members still read these forums, they do not often reply. I find that very sad and unfortunate, frankly. I do hope that it might change, and that members of the board will take the reins of leadership and reorient it back towards accountability.

The technical issues and others are worth discussion. In my professional experience, I would argue their claims of the way forward with the site code is mistaken, but the central issue (because all organizations make mistakes), is how to tap the wisdom of the membership, build their sense of belonging and community, and from that bring new resources to bear.

If my online request for the bylaws, from which any principled community discussion must proceed, doesn't produce a response, then I'll send a letter to the registered corporate address requesting, as any member of the public can, their IRS Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption, the public information of the organization that it requests which includes the bylaws. I'll be happy to post them here afterwards.

On a more mission-related note, I have started receiving requests for the season's cyclists, always a bright moment!

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