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Slovenia Bikepacking

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Slovenia Bikepacking

Hello All!

My partner and I are going to bikepack the West Loop ( starting in Ljubliana on June 11th. We are hoping to add some additional riding on trails (especially in or near Bled) and are wondering what you suggest? I had a bike shop owner tell me the trails are known mostly by the locals only and am wondering if you would share that info? If you are ever in Durango, CO info on the best of the best will be shared in return :)

We are on full suspension 27.5 Devincis and would love to find some scenic, techy, awesome trails. What is your favorite trail in the areas we will be traveling? In Slovenia?

What else should we not miss? Food? Sights? 

Thanks in advance!

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From Bled, you could reach

From Bled, you could reach Bohinj Lake (cycling road near big road, or hilly road north of it) a national park is around the lake, not sure if bikes are allowed but there is a path suitable for bikes, starting in Stara Fuzina, up to a hut then in the valley west of the hut until another hut Predoavci then down to Trenta on a old ww1 road.

The road passing Vrsic has a lot of traffic in summer and is steep, an alternative is from Kranjska Gora reach Tarviso and climb the Passo del Previl, less traffic, not so hilly. 

Locals would tell you to stay along Soca river and not do the italy part of the loop.

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Slap boca - Soca Valley

Hi! When in the soca valley, go and visit Slap Boka, amazing waterfall right besides the road. Very steep footpath to the source, loose gravel etc. but worth it. The source is a large water-filled hole at the vicinity of the rocky rim where the waterfall begins.

and if price is not an issue, go and take a rafting-tour on the soca. There is a stretch, in german called 'Seilbahn' that ends at Bovec, Prijon whitewater center. Extremely scenic, absolutely worth doing it.

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