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Barcelona Help Please

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Barcelona Help Please

I have been on tour since March 29th and the people at W.S. Have been great! I told my wife each and every one of them I’d want as our neighbors. 

I rode about 84 miles today and am 30k from Barcelona, I dont need a place tomorrow (if you wan to show me the town I’d stay but thats not what I am writing about) 

it’s been a long day sorrry.


MY QUESTION is Barcelona folks I need ot get the bike boxed and ready to ship in about a month. I am looking for a bike shop that you have used and trust and any ideas on storage. 

My wife and I are traveling to visit friends for about 4 weeks and don’t fly out of Barcelona until June 30th

 I met Andre Bouch on the way up the Pyrenees and he needs he same info 

Thanks again if you do the B.C. Vancover to San Diego route look me up. Sorry if this is rambling like I said I just got done with 84 miles ..

Thanks to all


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This has been covered a lot

This has been covered a lot on FB. You could search Bike Touring/Bikepacking FB groups for Barcelona and bike shop. Be very careful with your bike, that is the STOLEN bike capital of the world. Wish I had one to recommend, but never neeeded it in Barca. Have a great trip!

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I've hosted folks in

I've hosted folks in Barcelona before (don't live there anymore) who had positive results sourcing bike boxes from Probike. Perhaps worth trying there?


Carrer Viladomat 310
08029 Barcelona

T 93 419 78 89


Open Monday-Saturday: 10am - 8.30pm



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